The Brand with
the Taste of Fashion
since 1978

Eine Revolution in den rebellischen 70ern: GIN TONIC® betritt 1978 die Mode-Bühne und kreiert einen Fashion-Spirit, der bis dato oft unvereinbar erscheint - Lässigkeit verschmilzt mit dem Wunsch, gut gekleidet zu sein. Mit sportlich-lockerer Kleidung, die überall funktioniert. Home, City, Outdoor. Immer versprüht der sympathische Feel-Good-Look von GIN TONIC® spürbare Energie und gute Laune. Damals wie heute.

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The real game-changer? The people you surround yourself with — those who redefine the rules. 🧡 Who’s your favourite person? #HappyWeekend


It’s so simple - yet we so often forget. 🧡 #takeabreak


THIS IS US @gintonic_fashion 🧡

The brand with the #tasteoffashion


green or white 💚🤍 which one do you prefer?


A summer breeze, blue skies and colorful comfiness in @gintonic_fashion 🧡 what else do you need?


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Hi friends it’s finally #friday meaning that the weekend is just around the corner, do you feel it? 🧡


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Picking up his girl in style @gintonic_fashion 🧡


Just hanging out here waiting for summer 🌞🧡🌿 #fridayblues #happyweekend


Let’s paddle into the new week with a sprinkle of color & tons of newfound energy. 🚣🏻‍♂️💦🧡


Where we get our inspiration from? 🧡🍊🐅 ps: the last one is our favourite! 😉


Nothing beats a pair of stylish sunglasses, comfortable hoodies & a sunny weekend ahead. 😎🌞🧡

—> outfit @gintonic_fashion


A sneak peek of what it looks like behind the scenes for the new production for @gintonic_fashion 🧡

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@gintonic_fashion is more than a fashion brand. But it always got the #tasteoffashion 🧡


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Feeling the Monday blues? It’s time to add some vibrant hues to your summer days! 💙🧡


Lizenzen & Partner

Unsere Lizenzpartner für erstklassige Qualität

Als starke Marke profitiert GIN TONIC® von starken Partnern, die in ihrem individuellen Produktsegment über langjährige Expertise verfügen.